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I Can’t Hear You

Today, I will clean my house–for two reasons. Thanksgiving is four days away and my house will be full of family who, I’m sure, would appreciate not vying for space with stacks of books, toys, craft supplies, and pet fur … oh yes, and my shoes scattered wherever I stepped out of them! The second reason I will be cleaning instead of writing is that I can’t hear my characters right now.

Maybe that’s a blessing (see reason #1) but I’m a little panicked. What if they never speak to me again? I’m leading up to a crucial scene in this novel, one that has been written for weeks, but how can I bridge the gap when my main characters aren’t speaking?

I have another fear about this silence. Just two weeks ago, one of my characters threw me a curve by letting me know that I had misunderstood her. Now, I fear that these two characters might be conspiring to change things again. I fear anarchy!

But, for today … I clean (there is no joy in Whoville!)

1 thought on “I Can’t Hear You”

  1. The conspiring characters have gotten together to overthrow their master, is that it? LOL They know what you are plotting for them and they don’t like it. 🙂 I hate it when characters go silent. Don’t worry, they’ll speak again when your real life settles down.


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