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Clone me … quick!

I have a love/hate relationship with this time of year. I love having all my family together, eating tons of sweets and Syrian food, and seeing my world turn into fairy land with all the sparkling lights. But I hate all the work—mental and physical—that goes into those things.

And I can’t even think about writing … well, okay, I think about it nearly every waking moment—wait, no, I dream about it too! But there’s no time to actually sit and write. I need to be two, maybe three, people right now.

Here’s a family photo from last year—my apologies to those who lost weight and/or grew hair this year. I’ll post an updated one after Christmas Eve, okay?


8 thoughts on “Clone me … quick!”

  1. Candice, I get up before six every morning, but I don’t get to start writing until seven. And then, if I can, I sit at that keyboard hour after hour after hour … no wonder I’m in such sad physical shape!


  2. Linda,

    We would all love to be cloned this time of year! There is so much to do and most of the time I feel I am doing it by myself. I finally realized that is just part of being a wife and Mom and I do believe they love us more for it. We get everything done in the end. You do have a beautiful family and I bet your Syrian dishes are wonderful!


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