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Clone me … quick!

I have a love/hate relationship with this time of year. I love having all my family together, eating tons of sweets and Syrian food, and seeing my world turn into fairy land with all the sparkling lights. But I hate all the work—mental and physical—that goes into those things.

And I can’t even think about writing … well, okay, I think about it nearly every waking moment—wait, no, I dream about it too! But there’s no time to actually sit and write. I need to be two, maybe three, people right now.

Here’s a family photo from last year—my apologies to those who lost weight and/or grew hair this year. I’ll post an updated one after Christmas Eve, okay?


8 thoughts on “Clone me … quick!”

  1. You just wrote the story of my life. Every day I wake up with a new literary discipline of writing for at least 2 hours. Then, as it does everyday, life gets in the way. As the day wears on, I dedicate to at least one hour, then it becomes 15 minutes before I give up and vow to have a better day tomorrow. Tomorrow never comes.

    BTW what is Syrian food? And when do I get some?


  2. Yes, beautiful family. I’m trying to figure out which ones are your kids. You said you have four, right? I really, honestly wish I wasn’t so obsessed with writing. My brother called me a recluse the other day. And I was like, what? Am not. But I so am. So, instead of making writing goals, like Tricia, I must make, get out of the house and see the world goals. I think I’m going to post about that today on my own blog.


  3. Kasie, my family calls me the hermit … and I am! Works well, if you want to write. I have four sons, all in the back row of the photo: the tall one on the left and then the three on the right. All five of my grandchildren are in the photo,too … four girls, one boy. (Another girl on the way in the spring.)


  4. Tricia, some of the Syrian dishes we serve on Christmas Eve are yubruk (stuffed grape leaves), kibbee (pulverized steak, cracked wheat, and onion pulp), hummus, tabouleh or fatoush (salads), etc. Kibbee is traditionally made with lamb, but my husband doesn’t much care for lamb. We serve kibbee three ways: baked, fried, and raw (like tartare) and the baked has a filling with pine nuts and lots of spices. I’ll have a luncheon some day and invite you guys.


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