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Double Verbing

Any time you see “was” “had” “were” with another verb you can probably remove it and spiff up your writing 100%. — Miss Snark

I tremble at the idea of writing a query letter. I’d be petrified if Miss Snark were the intended recipient. But I love reading her “Crap-o-meter” critiques of others query letters. I read one today where she gave the above bit of advice—and then I checked my WIP. Okay, I admit, I found double verbing, and many uses were unnecessary. But the great thing is, now that I know about this symptom of weak writing, I can correct it before an agent sees it. Thank you, Miss Snark.

3 thoughts on “Double Verbing”

  1. This is something that Candi told me a couple months ago and I’ve been trying to work on it. It’s hard not to use those 3 verbs, they’re so much a part of our vocabulary. But I’ve been trying.


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