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Literary Tag

I was tagged twice today by fellow writers Kasie and Candice. Kasie says it’s called Bookwormed.

Here are the rules:
1. Open the closest book – not a favorite or most intellectual book, but the closest at the moment – to page 56.

2. Write out the fifth sentence on the page, as well as the two to five sentences following.

3. Then open your ms to page 56 and write out the fifth sentence, as well as two to five additional ones.

4. Tag five (or more) buddies to do this same exercise.

So, here’s this from Charles Frazier’s “Cold Mountain”:

The houses were dark inside, even on a bright day. Those with shutters kept them pulled to. Those with curtains kept them drawn. The houses smelled strangely, though not uncleanly, of cooking and animals and of people who worked.

And now, my WIP:

Meredith and Jalal ran laughing onto the porch. They had gone for a stroll along the beach walkway after dinner, but just as they came back in sight of his house, a windswept rainstorm surprised them. Now, just as they stepped over the threshold, lightning splintered the air with a sound they felt in their bones, and a velvety blackness swallowed up the beach road. Jalal reached out and flipped the light switch with no result.

I tag all writers who read this and would like to participate. Anyone? Anyone?

13 thoughts on “Literary Tag”

  1. Candice, since the short story writing is not happening yet, when it’s my next turn to submit to the group, you just might get to read that passage in context.


  2. There is no point to game, Linda. I think that’s the point. 🙂 Linda, I love that chapter. Tricia, I love that part in your book, I laughed again reading it just now. And Linda, I thought you said there was a 1% chance you’d be coming tonight. I was banking on that 1%. 🙂 We’re writers you know, we always hold out hope against minimal odds.


  3. Kasie, the 1% disappeared when I realized that I had to go shopping this morning instead of cleaning. My son will be here before I even get the guest room ready, let alone the rest of the house. But yes, we do have to be true optimists in this business, yeah? (Just channeling Chef Ramsey there. 🙂


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