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For years, I have had a recurring nightmare that I am alone in a room with demonic spirits. I am terrified and trying to exorcize them by saying “In the name of Jesus!” My voice increases in pitch until I am screaming the words. Eventually, I “scream” so loudly that I wake my husband who in turn wakes me. But in the early hours of Christmas Day, this nightmare changed.

This time the room was larger, more open, possibly a series of rooms arranged around an atrium and the spirits appeared to be human. I was not afraid, but came to each one and recited the words. They “received” the words with either a smile or a glare, but it did not seem to matter which, only that I needed to say it to each one.

Although I have a fundamental Christian background, I do not interpret this as a religious dream. This is a dream about power. Personal empowerment. And I believe it appropriate for the ending of one year and the beginning of the next. It bodes well for my future.

4 thoughts on “Empowerment”

    1. Kasie, I do believe the interpretation our dreams is important. They are, after all, a way we speak to ourselves. Archetypal symbolism is easy, but personal symbolism can be a challenge, and recognizing pun is always a laugh. Believe it or not, I have acted as dream interpreter for friends and family in the past, but ultimately, we best interpret our own.


  1. Wow Linda, that first dream would freak me out! I totally agree with you that we best interpret our own dreams. My husband says the same thing. Sometimes others can help us look for the symbolism, but in the end we’re the only ones who can decide their significance.


  2. Linda, thank you for pointing me to this and commenting on mine. I’ve also had similar demon dreams, but have only succeeding fighting them off occasionally. It is about empowerment.


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