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Reflect and Resolve

I’ll keep with tradition this time of year and reflect on the past year and resolve for the new one. Since this is a writer’s blog, I will not reflect on politics or the economy, but I will resolve not to let either deter me from my writing in the coming year. Neither will I list here my personal goals for the year, though one does relate to my writing—I’m glad I ventured out of my hermitage the second half of this year, and vow to keep contact with the other writers in the “real” world during the coming one.

• I am thrilled with the amount of writing I accomplished in the past year, and resolve to write even more this next year.

• I am dismayed at the amount of writing time I wasted online this year, and vow not to do that in the future. I will stop endless surfing and depend on my RSS feeds to keep me focused on the blogs I really care about, and I will try to check email only five times a day … maybe ten … maybe.

• I vow to read or reread at least five classic novels this year, and except for research necessary for my writing, I vow to read only fiction … well more fiction, at least.

• I enjoyed being part of a writers’ group this year, and I resolve to elevate my level of literary criticism—i.e. learn to see the forest as well as the trees.

• I vow to develop the ego I hear is necessary to be a serious writer! (Just so you know, I’m trying very hard not to hear Ms. Perfect laughing right now.)

7 thoughts on “Reflect and Resolve”

  1. I love your vow about not surfing the internet as much. I should’ve written that one into my goals that I won’t do as well. My favorite is the ego though. We definitely need to work on that one for you. Send me more of your stuff to read and I will incessantly praise you, which won’t be very hard to do because I LOVE to read your stuff.

    I also like the classics goal. Before I started writing, I was working through the classics. I love them. Do you have favorites that I should think about reading (and then not)?


    1. Kasie, I promise to force you into praising me as soon as my life gets back to normal … well, you know … as normal as it gets. As for classics, ah hem, I don’t have any favorites. I have to confess that I’ve pretty much avoided reading them since being forced to in high school.


  2. I’m reflecting that maybe just taking time out every once in a while to reflect would be a good thing to do, too. Why wait for another year. Yes, now I, too, will be more reflective. Hmm, the resolve. Harder to do. But I will try.

    Best to you and your goals this year.


  3. I vow to learn something about computers so I don’t look so stupid to Linda. Hi, Linda.
    I vow to (at least once) send my submission to the writing group without every available help from each group member to walk me through it.
    I vow that when I try said experiment that I won’t crash computer and have to buy new one just to send submission then find no one is compatible with my newer version–except Linda who had to forward my submission to everyone–thanks Linda.

    Disclaimer: vow is not the same as promise. Wish me luck and Happy New Year


  4. I think these are all wonderful goals. I’m with you on the spending less time on the internet. I’ve already started limiting my blog checks to a couple of times a day. I think blogs and email are a great way to stay in touch with a writing community, but they can monopolize too much precious writing time and attention. As far as builing a writer’s ego… well, we all know you’re an amazing writer, so I think it’s about time you realized that too! 🙂 It’s a great goal to have.


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