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The Wayward Writer

Last night I attended a meeting of my writers’ group at Kasie’s house, which ran late, and then I stood outside talking to one of the members for a while (hi, Tricia). Unfortunately, I pulled away from the house before she did, or I could have followed her back to the main road. Instead, I made a wrong turn and wandered the community for twelve minutes. In most houses, the lights had all ready gone out for the night, and more went dark as I tried to retrace my “steps” to start over, but I never found Kasie’s house again. I cycled through: annoyance, worry, anxiety, desperation, fear—and then finally, I saw another living soul, a man working late in his garage. I asked for his help, and he gave me clear directions to be on my way home.

This morning, I’ve been thinking how I felt when every street I turned down was the wrong one. I remember feeling at one point, that I didn’t care what main street I came out onto. If only I could find one familiar street, I could find my way home from there. And then, of course, I related that to my work-in-progress. That desperation to make a connection is exactly what my protagonist Jalal feels as my story opens.

We can all relate to that. Aren’t we all lost souls looking for the way home?

7 thoughts on “The Wayward Writer”

  1. I got lost after the first meeting at Kasie’s.
    Last night I was careful to retrace my steps back out, and escaped quickly.


  2. I know someone who is so notorious for “lostness” she titled her book Don’t Follow Me I’m Lost. I won’t mention her name though.


  3. Mua ha ha! I’ve trapped another one. 🙂 Sorry about that Linda. The neighborhood is very confusing. But yes, we all are looking for a way home.


    1. You know what I think, Kasie? I think your house is in another dimension and by taking the wrong turn, I slipped out of your dimension and into another one. You know, like magic keys and doors and all that.


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