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The Writing on the … Mirror

When my husband changed clothes after work the other night, he walked out of the bedroom and asked, “Why do you have ‘eyes’ and ‘whole world’ written on the bathroom mirror? The answer, of course, was simple. A great line had come to me while I showered, so I had written those words with eyeliner as a reminder!

Are we writers ever not writing? Don’t you all have plot ideas, titles, and bits of dialogue written on paper scraps, notebooks, or napkins? Is part of your brain rephrasing dialogue as you watch a movie, or line editing as you read a novel, or screeching every time you run across a typo online? Do you weigh the short story value of anecdotes shared in conversation? Does that panhandler in the median inspire a poem? Did that women behind you in line just spout the funniest line of dialogue you’ve heard in ages?

Hmmm … are we writers all suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder?

10 thoughts on “The Writing on the … Mirror”

  1. Every time I have an idea I have to write it down and wash my hands at the same time… they are not as mutally exclusive as they seam to be.


  2. Not only do I write things on scraps of paper, but sometimes while reading, the author will invoke a feeling or touch a nerve and inspire a memory of mine to write down. But I won’t have anything to write on so I’ll dog ear the page. More often than not, I never get around to my paper scraps and later I’ll pick up the book and re-read the page and … nothing. I’ll scan every line hoping to get back my inspiration of something great that passed through my brain, but it’s gone, gone, gone.


    1. Kasie, Blog posts are the hardest. I feel like I’m talking to myself. I think I’ll invent someone to write blog posts to. Then, I won’t be so self-conscious. Come to think of it, then, I might never shut up!


  3. Yep, I used to have a tiny book of blank paper (Hello Kitty if you must know), and whenever one of those ideas popped up, I’d stop and write it down. That was years ago though, I haven’t figured out where that thing went to. Dog-earing the pages of books is a horrible thing…resist it Tricia.


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