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World Enough and Time

I confess to being a poor time manager. When I started writing “full-time” eight months ago, I was in the midst of jewelry making and genealogy research … oh yes, and redecorating one of my bathrooms. All those projects are exactly where I left them. But here’s the thing: progress on my novel is now at a pace the Slowskis would love. I blame society.

I’m a hermit by nature. I’m self-taught in all my skills, not because I think I know more than anyone else, but because self-teaching allows me to avoid interaction with scary humans. I’ve long held the belief that, if needed, I could learn brain surgery from a book—and from YouTube?—no problem.

I have a sister who knows half the population of Indiana—and meets with them once a week, for all I know. She goes here, there, and everywhere, doing this, that, and the other. A recitation of her schedule makes me want to hibernate for a year or two. In fact, I might need a nap just writing that. One of my best friends (hey, Mary) started as a pen pal (remember letter writing?) and now, twenty years later, we email. We’ve never met.

So, what inner demon directed me to join a writers’ group? As it turns out, writers are scary humans too. They expect me to talk. Out loud. And they expect me to make sense while talking. I’m ill-suited for the task. I can’t even hold a decent phone conversation … from my own home … sitting in my comfy little chair … while dressed in my fat clothes.

Okay, so it’s good practice for when I’m published and have to do interviews, and book signings, and sit on Oprah’s couch (did I mention, hermits fantasize a lot?) But, what about my novel? Jalal and Meredith are getting impatient … and poor Renee hasn’t had a chance to open her mouth yet.

Time, time, time …

6 thoughts on “World Enough and Time”

  1. Hi Linda,

    I am proud to be such good friends with a “hermit”, I can be a bit of a hermit myself! I do believe you could learn brain surgery if you really wanted to because you are disciplined and dedicated to teaching yourself what you do not know. I admire that in you and I admire all that you have accomplished!
    We will meet one day and I already know that it will be like we had met in person years ago. We are so familiar with each other, how could it not?

    I think Jalal and Meredith are waiting for you to do a bit more fantasizing and then put that down on paper. I am willing to bet that they will not give up on you. I do believe they understand that you have alot on your mind these days. Poor Renee, I know she has alot to say but she knows it will be worth the wait!

    I am sure, with a little encourage and faith in yourself, you would be able to talk to anyone about anything…….even the scary writers group!


    1. Mary, yeh, it’s a little sobering to realize we’ve “known” each other that long, isn’t it? I truly feel like you’ve been right by my side through so many things. Thanks for being my writing cheerleading. S and S forever! 😉 (inside joke)


  2. Linda, are you already stressing over tomorrow night? LOL I always envy the fact that you can sit perfectly quiet at writer’s group and I can’t seem to hold my tongue. I, for one, am glad you had a momentary trip into insanity and joined writer’s group. I enjoy reading you and conversing with you. As far as reclusiveness, we all know that if I didn’t have 4 kids, I would never leave the house.


  3. Hi Linda – I can be hermit like too and sympathize. All though I shun classes a lot because I have a feeling they will teach the creativity out of me with all the rules that abound. But that’s my hippie, commie, rebel voice, it’s not that loud. Mostly. : )
    I like that you are quiet, it makes what you do say out loud all the more meaningful because I figure you have really thought out your words. and I haven’t been wrong yet. and you do to carry on decent phone conversations! : P
    My book wants writing too, and when that happens, I say go for it. So go write about those two, or even skip to Renee, I’m curious about her.
    Funny, I have a friend who was once a pen pal and we are still friends. But I have met him, has it really been 5 years now? He’s the best brother I didn’t grow up with!
    Jess xo


    1. Hey, Jess. You just put a lot of pressure on me. Now I really have to watch what I say to you! 🙂

      I’m editing based on critiques from last night and then I’m off and away to finish up Part I and dive into Part II. I can’t type fast enough!


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