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And on we go …

I had to make a hard decision this week. Because I needed to stay focused and devote more time to my novel, I quit the critique group that I’ve been a part of for six months. I will miss seeing those lovely writers and friends on a regular basis.

Today I begin my renewed push to finish this work. I will have Part I written and edited by the end of the month. Then, while I wait to hear what my beta readers say about that, I’ll plunge into Part II. Since I’ve already written it as a short story, I have the base already there. Even though the story grows dark at this point, a new major character enters, and she’s quite a change from poised, ladylike Meredith, so I’ll have some fun writing her.

And on we go …

6 thoughts on “And on we go …”

  1. I will whine and pout about you quitting the writer’s group, but I will wait with baited breath for you to finish your novel (because I’m just assuming that you will let me be one of your first readers because you love me so much) LOL Hard decisions are…erm…hard.


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