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Keeping it young

Spending time with the young is the quickest way to grow old. There is no limit to their imagination. Adventures await!

Today, as we watched the sparrows work in vain at the hummingbird feeder, Emily decided they needed their own “restaurant”. She filled a bowl with peanut butter, cereal, raisins and a cracker, then hung it from the peach tree. Of course, the tree, being dormant, was far too ordinary, so she felt the need to decorate it. Hence, the feathers.

I wish I could harvest her imagination for my writing, but then I could only write about dogs … in sunglasses no less!


8 thoughts on “Keeping it young”

  1. Feathers on a peach tree, that’s perfect! She has one of the sweetest faces I’ve ever seen! I agree that being around kids keeps you young. I think it gives you perspective too. I always feel like life is good when Benjamin is running around the house using his imagination. Today he kept bringing me pretend birthday presents which I had to pretend to open. He would then proceed to tell me what was inside. It was such a crack up!


  2. That is the cutest pic ever. I love the colorful feathers. Uh, I think I might still be 5 considering the things I have chosen to write about as of late. LOL


  3. Yes, we have to admit that there is no limit to a child’s imagination. The way a child looks at the world is far more colorful and brighter than us – the grown-ups! BTW, the girl has beautiful eyes 🙂


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