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First, do no harm

Words are power. Last night and this morning, I was reminded how carefully we should choose them. Words carelessly thrown out are dangerous. Consider these clichés: cut me like a knife, pierced me to my soul, sliced me to the bone, broke my heart, stabbed me in the back, crushed my spirit. Words can do those things.

But words can also raise our spirits, fortify our hearts, sooth our souls, fill us with love and laughter and hope. We hold that power in our tongues. We have that power in our hands as we write. “First, do no harm” is a principle we all should live by.

May we love before we hate, laugh before we cry, and listen before we speak.

5 thoughts on “First, do no harm”

  1. Thanks for the great post on the power of words. I have friends who frequently say, “it was to die for.” I always cringe because who knows what this seemingly innocent phrase is doing to their psyche.


  2. So true. The word sarcasm apparently is derived from the greek, meaning “to tear or rend flesh”. Seems appropriate when I think of how words have cut into me so many times. I am always careful to try and give words of encouragement to others because they are so meaningful and necessary for me to receive. Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier- I am glad you did, because now I have found yours!


  3. All true. Ever see the movie “Talk Radio”? An actor in that gets the best line, “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can do permanent damage.”


  4. What gets me is “Just kidding”. As if to say “Hey, I can cut you down and get away with it.”

    A friend of my little daughter tells her “You suck” whenever she can’t play. My daughter is very sensitive to that remark. I am sensitive to my girl’s feelings and will have to resist the urge to tell the girl “No, YOU suck.”
    I take jabbing and careless words to heart when they are aimed at my kids.:)


  5. Eileen, yes, that’s cringe worthy, and thanks for stopping by.

    Deedee, I’ve been reading your blog for a couple weeks, thanks for stopping by mine. And thanks for pointing out the cutting edge of sarcasm.

    Jessica, so true, so true.

    Tricia, oh yes, we are fierce lionesses when it comes to our children and grandchildren.


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