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Inspiration any way

Early last summer, I had a dream with a situation that gave me the idea for my current work. I had my characters, but I didn’t enough about them to start writing. At that same time, I was addicted to playing Bejeweled 2. It was during these sessions I first heard my character Jalal speak to me. I don’t understand the connection, though I do know there is one particular sequence in the background music that evokes him instantly.

In any case, the story started to come together, and when I needed more dialogue, I just played the game and it started flowing. So, I had this lovely little happy-ending story, and then I rediscovered Joan Osborne’s Relish and her song “Crazy Baby” became my theme song for Jalal because, suddenly, I knew at some point he would be in the depths of depression.

There’s something about running water that inspires me so often, I’ve thought about figuring out some waterproof writing device for the shower. (I wrote in another post about using an eyeliner pencil on the mirror.) And someday I’ll remember how to use the memo function on my cell phone so I can record the thoughts that come to me when driving … like when Meredith informed me I had misunderstood her reason for withdrawing from life!

I’ll take inspiration any way I can get it. Anyone care to share, other than reading great writing, what inspires you?

4 thoughts on “Inspiration any way”

  1. I get inspired by walking or hiking. Being in nature seems to bring me into two states of consciousness. First I feel tremendous gratitude for the beauty that surrounds me: the sights, sounds, feeling the wind against my skin, and the invigorating smell of fresh air. Then I shift into receiving a flow of ideas. It’s almost as if they are being handed down and I’m merely the conduit to pass them along.
    This reminds me, I’ve been experiencing cabin fever for several weeks now. Got to get out there and feel that inspiration flowing through me. I can’t wait for spring!


  2. Back when Fresno Bee published News of the Weird, I became inspired. It was my favorite column and I miss it terribly because now I must rely upon my own weirdness for inspiration.

    My mother also inspires me. She keeps me informed–the family version of News of the Weird.

    Ugly weather works for me because I’d rather sit in front of a computer screen than be part of it. That’s why April 1st is my deadline. I can’t wait to garden again and get lost in the foilage and pretend I’m not a writer who never sees the outdoors.

    Just speaking of Spring has inspired me; I’d better get with it.


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