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Down from the mountains

I’ve just returned from Utah where I visited my son Michael’s family, newly increased by the birth of his daughter. eli-and-katMy grandson says his teacher tells him he’s gorgeous—no argument from me—and so is the place where he lives. The mountains are awesome, as in awe-inspiring, or awful, in the true sense of the word. They could be awful in the adverbial sense, as well, if you were stranded in them.

I often wonder: would my writing be more inspired, if I lived in the mountains … or at the shore … or in a little cabin in the woods? Maybe so, if I wrote poetry, but I write character-driven fiction. Beautiful scenery might serve as background in my writing, but wouldn’t likely inspire character motivation or dialogue. When I’m deep in my writer’s mind, I could be anywhere. No, I can’t blame my physical location for a lack of inspiration.

roses2And besides—my roses are in full bloom right now and the spring bloom is the most fragrant. So, I’ve brought in a few blossoms to set beside me as I type and see what they inspire.

I have no excuse for not writing.

8 thoughts on “Down from the mountains”

  1. beautiful pictures!

    And you’re right – though we’d love the cabin or the seashore or even the writers’ retreat, a table and a typewriter should work just fine.


  2. Stephen King may be successful because of all the cramped and dingy holes he had to write in. He had nothing to distract him. If I lived in the mountains, I’d go hiking. The beach, walking–all healthful distractions that would take me away from my hip-spreading-so-far-unpaid career of writing.


    1. Yeah, well, I’ve been in the cramped, dingy holes, so does that mean I’ll end up a mega-successful writer? Oh, hey, does that give me an excuse not to clear off these piles of paper, dishes, and soda cans that pile up around me as I write? Too bad I no longer writer horror! 🙂


  3. welcome back! Life can be distracting. Maya Angelou once said she sometimes checks into a hotel room and works, works works. I love hotels, but them I’d probably sleep and swim all the first week…mmmm hotels, room service and fluffy towels.


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