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Cheerleaders needed!

Okay, so the other day—50,000 words into my wip—I slid down the I’m-writing-garbage chute. My usual cheerleader (hey, Mary) was out of reach, so other friends had to step in to slap me back to my senses. One of them, who asked to remain nameless, sent me the following hilarious response when I started comparing my talent and slow progress to other writer friends. (Names have been changed to protect the innocent.)

Here’s hoping you have such wonderful cheerleaders in your writing life!

You must not compare yourself to anyone else… seriously. What if Jill snorts coke? Would you snort coke? HA! couldn’t help dish out the old motherly, “If your friend jumped off a cliff….” bit. Ehem. Sorry.

You write amazingly, just because you don’t crank it out as fast as someone else means nothing… takes nothing from your work either. You must know that.

Or do I have to come over there and beat you like a piñata?

Just keep going, do not stop, don’t stew about it… creative things take time… okay here goes my Zen wisdom.

You know flower buds, if you pick one and open it up, is there a flower in there? No, there isn’t! You just have to be patient and wait for it to unfold.

Now grasshopper, you will find the spark to light your creative path…. ooommmmm…..

10 thoughts on “Cheerleaders needed!”

  1. I don’t know about the polishing thing, Candice, I certainly couldn’t find much to mark-up on your submission for the writer’s group meeting tonight.


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