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Do I know you?

This morning, I read a great post at Edittorrent, which made me realize I may have misled in my last post. Although I do know a lot about my characters before I start to write, I didn’t mean to imply that I know all there is to know about their personalities at that point. They reveal themselves clearer as the story progresses. As I wrote once before, these revelations can be as big as letting me know I’ve misunderstood their motivation. Usually, these are less startling, but still important to the story, and many are the little details you notice after spending time with someone. All of which make the characters come alive. No grave robbing, laboratory or electrodes required!

Can you tell how much I love writing fiction? 🙂

5 thoughts on “Do I know you?”

  1. Me too (I love writing fiction)!! I love it, love it, love it! It’s like making new friends. Does that sound pathetic? No, it’s like creating new friends. Okay, maybe that sounds even more pathetic. But the truth is that it is so exhilarating to discover your characters nuances. I love it!


    1. Careful, we’ll sound like little girls, squealing and bouncing with excitement! I guess we’re both pathetic because I feel the same way about my characters.


  2. Sorry, still upset that Adam might be gay. I think I’ll write a story about him where he’s straight and he’s my boyfriend. (My husband doesn’t follow your blog … I hope.)


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