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I can see clearly now

I picked up a new pair of glasses today. I’d known I needed a new prescription for some time, but I didn’tnewglasses realize the extent of that need until today. Of course, you’d think not being able to see clearly at a distance of less than fifty yards would have clued me in, but hey. Now, I’m amazed at what I can see.

So, as I always do, I looked for a connection from my new glasses to writing. You know how you write and write, and edit and edit, until you can’t see how to improve it any further? Maybe your vision isn’t as clear as it used to be. All the how-to books tell us to put it away for a while—days, weeks, months—and then look at it again. You might be amazed at what you can see through your nice new glasses.

4 thoughts on “I can see clearly now”

  1. Linda, as a glasses wearer, I agree. Although I tend to enjoy the slight fuzziness that a weak prescription gives me – especially when looking in the mirror – it’s not great for writing.

    I have a similar experience with learning. I watch Cesar Millan repeatedly and every time I see a show again, something new strikes me and I wonder how I missed it before.

    New glasses, editing and putting work away for awhile will do that. And good TV reruns too.


    1. I have hope that I will see my work clearly on final edit … is there such a thing as a final edit?

      As for learning, yes, we tend to grasp what we can at the time, so it’s always worth going back, rereading, rewatching to see what more we gain the next time.


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