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Tune in, tune out, get inspired

Some of you may like background noise, or full-blast music when you write. Though I’m inspired by music, as well as natural beauty, it distracts me when I’m writing. But tis morning I found a link to this video in my inbox and thought I would share. I think it could be something good to focus on, veg out, and see what it might inspire. If you like this one, search YouTube for MythMathFilms to see more.

7 thoughts on “Tune in, tune out, get inspired”

  1. Whoa. What are you trying to do? Hypnotise me? Already, I had to write that sentence three times because suddenly I’m now dyslexic. My head hurts. Were there any subliminal messages attached? What should I watch for, symptoms-wise?


  2. LOL Love it! I’m with you. Music inspires me and when I hear a good song it can evoke lots of amazing scenes in my head. But when I actually sit down to write, I need silence. That’s why I do my best work at night when my whole house is sleeping.


  3. Is it just my computer or did that sound like screeching microphone feedback. Yikes!! I was just listening to Sarah McLachlan when I found your latest post. So, YES, music inspires me!


  4. I sometimes listen to wordless music when I write, depends on my mood and the mood of the piece I’m working on. Can’t go listening to ode to joy while writing one of my horribly depressing pieces now can I? And vice versa, it doesn’t work and lyrics, just throw me off, I can’t not listen to lyrics.
    And some times the quiet in here, with just the clock ticking softly, is perfect.


    1. I did try writing to cello music, but my mind wandered off. Which could result in some lovely writing, but didn’t. I think I’m just too highly distractable … like ADD bad. I should write with blinders and earplugs. 🙂


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