Elizabeth of Ravenscroft, R.I.P.

EmLizLast year, our English Springer Spaniel was diagnosed with laryngeal paralysis, and steadily declined. Last evening she ceased her struggle. So I’m going to break from my vow of connecting every post to the subject of writing and give tribute to her instead.

Lizzie acted as family companion and protector up to her last hours. She patiently accepted the love and unintentional abuse of five grandchildren … including the indignities of being dressed in bunny ears, funny glasses, space dog antennae, Mardi Gras beads, and sequined scarves. AdrLiz

She allowed herself to be used as a pillow on occasion. And even permitted the cat to share her bed. She was a dog, but she was part of our family for fourteen years.

So, here’s to Miss Elizabeth of Ravenscroft, simply the best dog ever!

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