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Is this insane, or what?

I would love to write brilliant posts frequently … preferably every day. I would love to astound you with my insight, touch you with my heart, entertain you with my razor wit. Better yet, since this is a blog about writing, I would love to educate you with my considerable knowledge on, let’s say … how to write the perfect novel in ten easy steps. 

Nah, ain’t gonna happen.

The best I can do is tell you what’s on my mind today. STOP! I have to ask myself who this “you” is that I’m addressing. I have a few friends who stop by and leave comments now and then. But my stats show more hits than comments left, so there are some mysterious people who read and, having read, move on… without comment.

Perhaps I bored you, made you laugh (and not in a good way), or maybe you came here by accident though an iffy search engine result. Seriously, someone was sent to my blog yesterday using the search term “kill yourself Anne”! And I have to wonder what some others were looking for when they were directed to my blog after searching for “msn smiles water” or “was i out my hair out my mind” and just what is the deal with the “polaroids+anne+lamott” search that has resulted in three blog visit in the last month?

It would be nice if blogs had the Facebook “thumbs up” button, so at least I’d know you came, you read, you were pleased. I’ll pass on a thumbs down button, I have enough negative self-image, thank you very much.

So … yeah, what’s on my mind today. Well, I’m happy 🙂 because I’ve had three days in a row where my characters spoke to me and the words flowed onto the “paper”. I increased my word count by 3, 287 and I’m thinking I just might make my goal of 70,000 after all. A bit of copy and paste from the “bits” file, a couple more new scenes added and I think I’ll reach THE END. And then, the fun will start.

First, as I promised myself, I’ll take a break to do graphite paintings of my three main characters. And yes, I might even condescend to doing some long needed housework. But then … oh, be still my heart … I get to go back and polish my novel till it gleams. Since I edit and revise extensively as I write … yeah, I know, but you do it your way, I’ll do it mine … this will be when I turn my serviceable writing into something that sings. At least, that’s the plan.

Aha, and now I’ve written a longer than usual post and yet, said less than usual. Hmmm, maybe I should be a politician.

Nah, ain’t gonna happen!

16 thoughts on “Is this insane, or what?”

  1. No lurker here! Nice to meet you, Anne. I can absolutely relate to what you have written. I confess I am a stats addict, and immediately start sinking when I see high stats, no comments. I really detest apathy so no comment is worse than a negative one to me. What I’ve been telling myself these days is that I simply leave my readers speechless 😉 I’m getting pretty darn good at lying to myself;)

    As for referrers to your blog, that is a mystery to me as well. I now have a little game of hide and seek going with another blog that has “referred” folks to my blog–yet I can not for the life of me figure out how since there is no link to my blog from this referring blog. Of course, the other mystery blogger saw me pop in and has now made a return visit, probably thinking the same thing. It’s very odd.

    Good luck with your writing and I’ll be sure to stop back. Have a prolific day:)


    1. Ah, is that it? I’m leaving them speechless? I visited your blog and left a comment … and not just because I would be a hypocrite not to. I’ll be back. And no problem with the name confusion.


  2. Yes, I agree too about the comments…who are all those people who drift in and drift out? Anyway, I enjoyed my visit here.
    Happy writing,
    Oh! And how nice of you to add me to your sidebar!
    : )


      1. Linda, I will be adding a new links page to my blog in the next couple of weeks, and I look forward to adding a link to your blog. –cynthia


  3. Did you do something different with your blog?
    Yes, we are definately living in different times when a question like that one is posed.

    I think you are living in more advanced times than I am because I have no idea what you were talking about. What is this you mean about lurkers and referring blogs? How did I not know about this? I have been in blog bliss unbeknownst of this rejection you speak of. Now that I know, I must know how you know what it is that I don’t want to know.


    1. It’s all on your blog stats page. You’ll see how many hits you get, and you can see what people searched for that brought them to your site. Very weird sometimes. Or don’t look … if you don’t want to know. 🙂

      Oh, yes, and I changed my theme and added an “I Read” page, so that’s why things look different today.


  4. NOOOO Tricia don’t do it! You’ll get sucked in…there is no turning back!
    BTW–you are HILARIOUS. Just popped over to your blog and am still laughing 🙂


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