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Meanwhile, back at the keyboard …

I rose before dawn this Saturday morning; partly because the cat decided I should, but mostly because I kept waking myself to think about what I need to write next. I’m so near the completion of the writing now, that I’m anxious to move on to the next stage. As I said in an earlier post, I don’t write the way the books say I should. I submit for critique, revise and edit as I finish each chapter, so when I say I’ve finished writing the novel, it will be ready for one final edit, beta reader feedback, and then a final polish.

Before I complete Part II of my work-in-progress, I need to write one more scene. Not the end scene, that’s already written. This is an inserted scene suggested by some of my critique partners. So, while Jalal and Renee sit in the most creative corner of my mind discussing how they want to spend this peaceful, happy scene, I sit here at the keyboard cutting and pasting dialogue and narrative, from partial or whole scenes already written, into the new chapters that will comprise Part III of this novel.

I will change POV again for this last section and that’s an exciting challenge for me. Although Jalal is the true main character, being the only one who appears in all three sections, only Part II is written from his point of view. Part I is experienced through Meredith and now, in Part III, Renee will tell the end her way. This partitioning and POV selection seemed natural to me because the novel grew from a trilogy of stories. If, in the end, this doesn’t work, well …

You’ll find me, back at the keyboard …

11 thoughts on “Meanwhile, back at the keyboard …”

  1. Well, Linda, this is a really impressive post. Sounds like you really have a firm grip of your editing! You are also reminding how beneficial it is to have a group. It’s been a little while for me – time to hunt one down again!


    1. Now, if only I had a firm grip on housework. 🙂

      It’s amazing what other writers can spot that you’re too close to see … and they all see something different!


  2. Linda,

    I appreciate how candid you are with you process. I, too, am in the revision stages of my novel. I hope to query it as well before the end of summer.


    1. LOL Cristina, if I didn’t think it would scare everyone off, I’d be really candid and do a day-in-the-life-of post. You’d be amazed that I ever write anything readable!

      Good luck on reaching your goal this summer.


      1. Fellow blog readers, Cristina doesn’t have her name (survivorscribe) linked to her blog, but she’s there on the right in my Writers Blogs list. She has some beautiful posts you might enjoy.


  3. I couldn’t help being impressed as I read your post. Sounds like you have a good grasp on your novel and some pretty good writing friends. All the best.


  4. Linda,
    I’ve wandered over to see your work – very impressive! Keep at that keyboard (and only pop over to mine for a laugh now and then so Jalal and Renee will cooperate when you get back…)

    (and I would be honored to be on your blogroll — thank you!)


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