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Writing in my sleep

I woke up this morning with the vague sense that I had never gone to sleep. I believe I wrote all night long. Every time I roused to roll over, I realized I was looking at words forming on my computer screen. I pulled up Word first thing this morning, just to make sure I hadn’t been Sleepwriting! Unfortunately, no. I’ll have to do it while awake. But “there’s the rub …”

I’ve long noticed that I write best in the early morning, which has always confounded me because I’m not really awake until at least three hours after I get out of bed. Finally, this morning I got an incredible insight—and please don’t anyone comment with a “DUH!” The reason I write better when I’m still groggy is because it’s only my LEFT brain that’s still asleep. My RIGHT brain is busy typing out all the lovely lines it composed during the night, without the left brain challenging every word.

Now I say, “Ah ha! No wonder many of my stories grow out of dreams.” The right brain never sleeps. That’s why we dream … why we have to dream. I know there are those who teach that we can control our dreams, direct them. I’ve tried for various reasons throughout the years, but so far, without success. I could certainly use that power now, though because I’ve hit a roadblock.

I’m supposed to be pulling together all the bits and pieces I’ve written for Part III of my current work, but this is Renee’s story and she’s balking. I don’t think she approves of my plans for the end of this novel. I hope it’s only a minor objection, but I don’t know to what yet. So I wait. Maybe tonight, while I dream, it will all become clear.*

*I wanted to quote Hamlet again—“To sleep, perchance to dream …” but I’m not suicidal. 🙂

8 thoughts on “Writing in my sleep”

  1. I can not tell you how many times this happens to me! Writing while I am dreaming – makes me crazy. Sometimes Iwould like some peace!

    Recently, I found myself writing a scene that I had consciously decided not to write. I had to take over, enforce control, and delete. You are good to wait. Have great dreams!! 🙂


    1. 🙂 Jennifer, I always imagine I’m writing something so much better in my dreams and get frustrated that I can’t capture it on paper.


  2. I’m sad to say I haven’t experienced writing in my dreams. But I have experienced writing something so much better when I don’t have access to pen or keyboard.

    Great insight about the right brain – I’m an early morning writer, so your insight inspires me.


  3. I’m a morning person; I’m fully awake when I jump out of bed. I’m often surprised at the creativity and smooth flow of my writing late at night, though. That’s when my internal editor can’t distract me. It’s a similar state, at different time of the day than the rest of you.

    By the way, I have the ability to direct my dreams, and I usually don’t bother anymore. Sleeptime belongs to the subconscious, and forcing my conscious thoughts into the dreamworld just doesn’t seem right. The subconscious needs time to make connections and create new concepts. Editing–and translating (finding the *words*)–should happen while awake, or so I believe.


    1. Yes, of course, I know some of those wake-up chirpy people … they drive me nuts! 🙂 And you’re probably right about not interfering with our dreamlife … that would be the internal editor getting in the way, wouldn’t it?


  4. I write in the AM and read in the PM. I also critique in the PM, but no longer if it’s horror. I critiqued a story prior to bed a few weeks ago and had nightmares all night. I bet that would flatter him (the author) if I told him.


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