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How’s Twitter working for you?

twitter birdI resisted Twitter for a long time. I voiced the usual criticism: “Why should I care what you had for lunch?” Then I started reading articles on why it was a great social networking tool for writers. So, I’ve been a Tweeter for about a month (as cassidylewis) and I follow several fellow writers (some big names) and agents, editors, and publishers.

Twitter is fairly user friendly; just join and follow a few people for a day or two and I think you’ll pick it up quickly. I use an app called Tweetdeck so I can follow my Twitter and Facebook accounts at the same time. You can spend all day following the Tweets, or just an hour or two when it’s convenient for you. You’ll catch the latest news, see links to great articles, websites, and blogs you might have otherwise missed, and if you’re like me …unagented … you can get to know a little about the agents you follow to learn which might be the best ones to query for your book. twitter logoOf course, along the way, you’ll see funny photos and humorous quips … and yes, you’ll occasionally find out what so-and-so had for lunch, or how hot, cold, rainy it is in someone’s hometown, but that’s just part of the fun.

I know a lot of you bloggers also Twitter, so my question to you is: Has Twitter use increased traffic to your blog? (And if you found this blog through Twitter, would you please leave a comment to let me know that?)

14 thoughts on “How’s Twitter working for you?”

  1. I resisted too, long and hard. Now that I do Twitter, it does bring _some_ traffic to my site/blog but it’s still very time consuming. Just one more layer. I’d like to spend more time outside 🙂

    Also, someone recommended your “17 Reasons book manuscripts are rejected” @cassidylewis
    I can’t find it at all and it would be something worth passing on to a lady I’m mentoring right now. How/where could I find it?


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