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Pain, loss of words, and nudity

I spent the weekend sitting in my husband’s leather chair. It doesn’t fit me, my feet don’t reach the floor when I sit in it and the back is too high, but it’s the only chair I can sit in without pain. For the past two days, I’ve had a pinched nerve, disk, something, that causes me real … breathtaking … pain when I stand for more than three minutes.

Ordinarily, I wouldn’t complain because I would be writing anyway, but that’s not happening. The words won’t come. I know why. And I know this drought will not last. But for now, I can’t write. That’s not to say I’m not typing anything. I’ve typed a couple thousand words this weekend, but will any of them end up in my novel? Probably not. They’re just the product of the logical me, pretending she can write fiction.

The real me, the one who can write, is confused, in hiding, treating herself to wine, and orange chocolate sticks, and visions of a certain young actor in a BBC production. All of him. Every single, gorgeous inch of him. (I considered accompanying this post with a photo, but I’ll let you dream your own.)

Which brings me to the last part of this post title … why is America so prudish about nudity?

[Disclaimer: disclaimer: I am not advocating that family programming should include gratuitous or sexual nudity.]

16 thoughts on “Pain, loss of words, and nudity”

  1. Linda,
    I sent you something beautiful via email….
    return the favor and put me out of my misery and tell me who the hot bod is…
    Sending you healing thoughts riiiiiiight now….
    and a hug.

    P.S. I like nudity. I like naked. Did you ever notice that somehow that’s the distinction between fine art and not nude/naked ….and whether or not there’s an urn in the picture….(borrowed heavily from Terry Pratchett for that comment)
    Karen :0)


    1. Oh my, Karen, I do thank you for the beauty you shared. Still … you’ll have to swear by blood oath to keep my secret before I admit anything.

      And yes, there’s a difference between nude and naked … and nekkid, for that matter. 🙂


  2. Are the chocolate orange sticks dark or milk chocolate? I love dark chocolate orange sticks. Can I eat them with braces?

    There is a double standard in Hollywood: More gets exposed on women than men. And that’s no fair.


    1. Dark chocolate, from Trader Joe’s. Sorry, they’re a sort of jellied orange inside, so probably wouldn’t work with the braces.


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