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What I can’t blog about

It’s an hour before my bedtime and I have no idea what to write for this blog post. Since I vowed to keep this blog focused on writing, I’m not going to give my views on the Michael Jackson funeral circus or Sarah Palin’s strange resignation announcement.

good girlI would never tell you that I love quiet indie movies like The Good Girl and Wendy and Lucy, or that I’ve seen The Apostle at least five times.

It would make no sense for me to tell you that I have seen a ghost, spoken in tongues, and cannot stand the thought that I have a skeleton inside me.

pizzaAnd I can’t think of any reason to mention that I’ve never eaten pizza that measures up to my expectations, rarely eat ice cream, love black jelly beans, and still hope to find, someday, those original candy lipsticks that were wrapped in gold foil, not the imitation ones they sell in the vintage candy shops.

You wouldn’t be interested to know that no matter how many times I see the spring woods, or hummingbirds, or Christmas lights, I’m always thrilled.

I’d bore you if I told you there is no better sound on earth than the laughter of delighted children, and no worse sound than the crying of a terrified, pain-wracked, or heart-broken child.

No, my only purpose here is to write about writing … which, I’m happy to announce, I’m finally back to doing. Like, yayyyyyyyy!

24 thoughts on “What I can’t blog about”

    1. No, no, don’t worry, I’m sure there are thousands more excellent writers than there are black jelly bean lovers. 🙂 How do you feel about ice cream?

      I’ve never been to Canada … in fact, it’s sad how few places I’ve been … in the flesh. I’m going to NYC the end of this month and will taste my first authentic “slice.”


  1. I’m always delighted by x-mas lights and hummingbirds and I’d like to add FIREFLIES!!! I love fireflies…except when someone puts them in a jar that’s just mean.
    Pizza is sometimes like coffee and bacon…often the smell is the best part…

    I love having a skeleton. I tried going without, but I didn’t like just puddling on the ground.


    1. Oh, I do miss fireflies! We don’t have them out here where I live now.

      And yes, having a skeleton does have its advantages. I just prefer to think I’m held up by something else. Like willow branches. Or peppermint sticks. 🙂


  2. I must, must know–why do you hate skeletons? Or is that something that will have to wait for another post you didn’t write and we didn’t read? 🙂
    Halloween must be bittersweet for you, with the black jellybeans, skeletons and disappointing pizza..
    Great post, BTW. Not that I was interested 😉


    1. I’m so glad you didn’t read the post I didn’t write. 🙂

      But since you asked, and since I’ve been revealing all kind of secrets this week, I’ll tell you that I’ve always loved horror movies (and books) and the two things that frightened me most were ghosts and skeletons. Fortunately, when I was a child, it didn’t occur to me that I was a skeleton inside. Now, as an adult (ahem) I can usually ignore the thought, except now that I’m thinking about it …


      1. I am absolutely cracking up over here…for some reason this is tickling the old funny bone (pun intended) 🙂 I can tell you this–I will never look at a skeleton again without thinking of you and smiling. See that? You actually turned a skeleton into something to laugh about (at least for me) 🙂 Thanks for satisfying my curiosity. I can go to bed now…


    1. Oh, shush, unless you’ve put on 100 pounds in the last month, there’s no way your skeleton is hidden. And not even Paul can eat that much ice cream! 🙂


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