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Inspiration any way … again

Because I’ve finally managed to take a short trip to the coast, I’m not blogging. But I am doing a postbeachview2 replay, which will be a new episode to most of you who follow this blog now. I’m still interested in what inspires you, so please leave a comment to tell me.

Early last summer, I had a dream with a situation that gave me the idea for my current work. I had my characters, but I didn’t enough about them to start writing. At that same time, I was addicted to playing Bejeweled 2. It was during these sessions I first heard my character Jalal speak to me. I don’t understand the connection, though I do know there is one particular sequence in the background music that evokes him instantly.

In any case, the story started to come together, and when I needed more dialogue, I just played the game and it started flowing. So, I had this lovely little happy-ending story, and then I rediscovered Joan Osborne’s Relish and her song “Crazy Baby” became my theme song for Jalal because, suddenly, I knew at some point he would be in the depths of depression.

There’s something about running water that inspires me so often, I’ve thought about figuring out some waterproof writing device for the shower. (I wrote in another post about using an eyeliner pencil on the mirror.) And someday I’ll remember how to use the memo function on my cell phone so I can record the thoughts that come to me when driving … like when Meredith informed me I had misunderstood her reason for withdrawing from life!

I’ll take inspiration any way I can get it. Anyone care to share, other than reading great writing, what inspires you?

10 thoughts on “Inspiration any way … again”

  1. Did you write by the sea?
    Something I have only had the opportunity to do so very rarely…but it was wonderful.

    I cannot answer this question you ask today, Linda. It would take a lifetime to write my list 🙂


  2. Living in Fresno inspires me. I think I’ve made no secret my hate for Fresno, but I don’t think I would be writing if not for living here. I’m forced to live as a shut-in and go inside my own head, something I could not do if I lived where I wanted.

    I know you live here, too, so sorry if I offended you on my extreme views of this hellhole. (Oops, I did it again.)


    1. Ha ha, offend me? If I had the money to move my whole family out of here, I would in an instant. The air was so clean there; today I’m wheezing and struggling to breathe. I can’t wait for fall.


  3. I experience the same thing as Cynthia – writing inspires more writing.

    I’m also inspired by loss, conflict and people acting badly, to name a few.


    1. Yes, I suppose I’m inspired by writing too, which is a good reason to belong to a writing group or somehow have deadlines to meet.


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