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Coast to valley

Just stopping in for a quick hello. For those of you not familiar with the drastic differences in summertime weather between areas of California, I’ll give you an illustration. When we woke yesterday in Cambria, California the temperature was a foggy 52°F, and by the time we left six hours later had risen to a sunny 63°. During the three hour drive east to the Central Valley, the temperature climbed steadily and we arrived home to a typical July 108°F late afternoon.


We had spent a foggy afternoon and evening in Cambria, where I ate the most tender filet mignon ever … yes, I know it’s the coast, and I usually do order seafood, but I’m glad I didn’t this visit. The next day we drove south first to Cayucos where we sat on the sunny pier and watched the fishermen, and the sea lions. No shop browsing this time because I still can’t stand for long. We ended our day with a picnic at Hearst Memorial Beach north of San Simeon.


Given a choice, I’d live on the coast, but for now, I’m home in this sizzling, smog-filled valley, slightly sunburned, but with a replenished spirit and a mind full of story ideas. I think there’s even a blog post or two forming. And it’s time to finish that novel.

7 thoughts on “Coast to valley”

    1. Thank you, Danielle. I would have had some lovely photos of Cayucos, if we hadn’t left the camera behind. I’ve been writing all day today, which feels great.


  1. I hear ya. I just returned from Los Osos, the coast directly in front of San Luis Obispo, and as I had on four layers of clothes and still freezing, I was amazed that just two and a half hours away was in triple digits. Hard to believe such a drastic difference. It felt like two different planets.

    It gets weirder still when you think that an hour south of San Luis is Santa Barbara. You go from freezing Alaska-like coastline to the Italian Riviera. Personally, I like the Riviera better–warmer. But it’s too far and too expensive for a quick jaunt to the coast.


    1. I’ve been through Santa Barbara, but never stopped. I keep hearing about the Big One that’s supposed to break off California just to the west of us. Guess that would make us a coastal town, huh?


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