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It’s only half the party

Due to a bad reaction to Vicodin and because my last post was such a long one, I’ve decided to make this post brief. Sometimes I wonder about the visitors to this blog. Many of you are regulars and leave comments, but many more don’t. I wonder if those that don’t are reading the comments others make.

party-hatsAlthough I’m flattered that you would want to read what I’ve written, if you skip the comments, you are getting only half the story. I have both insightful and witty regulars around here—sort of like a Cheers of the blogsphere. Sometimes the best part of my posts is in the comments section. I try always to respond to the comments and sometimes the regulars comment back to each other.

So, if you want, you can only eavesdrop, but just know that you’re invited to the party in the comments section.

20 thoughts on “It’s only half the party”

  1. Cheers you say? Okay, but I’m sick of playing Diane (Shelly Long). When that show was popular, I bore such a resemblance to Shelly Long that my co-workers nicknamed me Diane and once someone asked me for my autograph. I no longer look like her. She aged gracefully and I … well, I look like Phyliss Diller’s ugly sister.

    Yes, half the fun is the comments. And thanks to you I’m also addicted to crabbyoldfart and his hilarious commentors such as Lily Fossil.


    1. Well, sorry, but you would fit the Diane role. I don’t want to think which part I might best fill. Alright, I am thinking about it, but I’m not saying.


  2. I’ll be Norm. I’ve always said I’d make a really good beer-drinking fat guy. (Okay, I haven’t ALWAYS said it, but I should have. I am now.)

    Tricia, Phyliss Diller’s ugly sister made me laugh. (And more than a little curious!)


    1. Thanks, Pamela. Yes, it’s much more fun blogging when you have conversations, isn’t it? And interesting how different aspects of a post come out to different readers. I’m going to do a blog party like yours one of these days.


  3. You do have great conversations on your blog, Linda. I’ve been an eavesdropper lately, but am back … for a few days.

    Hope you’re feeling better soon.


  4. Thanks for a much-needed reminder about comments, Linda! Since I read everything through bloglines, I sometimes forget that comments exist. And then there are times when I really don’t have anything interesting to say except “that was a neat post.”

    So question: would people rather see boring “that was a neat post” comments or nothing at all, and save the comments for when you have something unique to add to the discussion?


    1. Lisa, I too used to read blogs through a reader and not click through to the comments, but then I realized that sometimes the best stuff on my blog is in the comments, so now I always read the comments on others blogs, too.

      I don’t know if my readers want to see “boring” comments, but I do. At times that 15 people read one of my posts, but only 2 people comment, I fear that my posts are what’s boring and wonder if I should give up blogging.


      1. Well, surely you can’t give up on blogging. That’s just silly. I do love your posts and enjoy reading about your writing journey. Helps me feel better that I’m not alone in this crazy process of novel writing!


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