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When the wall comes crumbling down …

brick-wallExcuse the brief post today. I’ve been stalled on finishing my novel for a few weeks now. At some point, my mind erected a wall between me and my story. I’ve tried to force through it resulting in copious use of the delete key the next day. I’ve tried ignoring it resulting in many blog posts and the piece of flash fiction I posted yesterday, but no progress on the novel. I’ve re-read earlier chapters of my novel hoping to spark a fire to burn through it. No effect on the wall, but I did manage edits and revisions in those earlier chapters.

But yesterday something changed. I don’t know what. I was going about my usual day of writing email, replying to comments on my blog, leaving comments on others blogs, checking Facebook, Twittering, and playing a thousand rounds of Bejeweled Blitz when I realized something was shaking under the surface. The wall started crumbling.

So, today I’m back to work on the novel. Send good thoughts my way.

20 thoughts on “When the wall comes crumbling down …”

    1. But seriously, glad you are past a block*, and I look forward to reading the conclusion of your book.

      [*I am looking at my story, and I think I broke it…]


  1. I’ve been working on submitting and finally have a plan that works (you’ve helped me with this in the past, Twitter pal).

    After a coaching session – I was attending a training – I came up with a plan and made a time commitment, witnessed by the coach. Somehow, having someone else hear me promise I’ll do something makes me accountable.

    From your crumbling wall to the printed page. I’m with you!


  2. People never believe me when I explain that email, social networking and online games are the groundwork for good writing. Per your request, I’m sending good, productive thoughts your way.


  3. It always amazes me when something seems to bring us back to the story as if something suddenly clicks and there we are. Glad to hear the walls came crumbing down! I’m sure it’s a great feeling.


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