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No lurkers at the party, please!

party-formalWhew! I’ve had a busy week, and I’m not caught up, but It’s Friday so I’m throwing a party. Looks like it’s a Mad Men theme—but no smoking! All you sociable people, please circulate and encourage the wallflowers to join in.

The buffet table is in the corner; help yourselves. It’s a magical thing, whatever you want is there. Same for the bar. Don’t hold me responsible for the after effects.

Let’s talk … comments, comments, people! Don’t be shy. Introduce yourselves—name, rank, serial number. If you’re a writer, what are you working on? If you’re not a writer, but you come here often, I’m curious why you do. And if you just stumbled in here because Google erroneously thought you’d be interested, have a bite to eat, fill your glass, or at least grab a cookie on your way out.

Feel free to open all my closets, cupboards and doors; you never know what you might find here.

Some of the most witty, intelligent, talented and beautiful people stop by here. Hopefully, you’ll meet them at the party, but if you get caught up in Nekkid Charades, or stuck in the line to have your palm read and missed them, go visit them at their places:

(In alphabetical order, because I’m just so darn diplomatic.)
Christine Ashby
Danielle Cross
Cathryn Grant
Joseph Grinton
Lisa Katzenberger
Candice Kennington
Jennifer Neri
Cynthia Newberry Martin
Mireille Noël
Karen Schindler
Tricia Sutton
Cristina Trapani-Scott
Pamela Villars
Judy Clement Wall
Kasie West

88 thoughts on “No lurkers at the party, please!”

  1. Didn’t find out about the party until I saw the note on Danielle’s front door, but I thought I’d just drop by and leave some cupcakes for when you late-nighters rouse yourselves… I’m off to brave the rain, let me know when the next one is? 🙂

    But, before I scamper off… is that chorizo I see…?


    1. Hey, Joseph, our first male brave enough to take on Brad, Brendan, Johnny and these other guys no one bothered to introduce me to.

      Thanks for the cupcakes, coffee’s brewing. And tea, of course, for us civilized folk. 🙂


  2. Where’s the coffee? Where am I? What happened last night? No wait; don’t tell me. Police. I think I remember the police. You invited them, right?


    1. Coffee’s ready, just don’t stand close to me while you drink it. And the police were looking for Cynthia … because you know … we always suspicioned she had a dark side, but it’s okay, she hid behind the sofa.


  3. So glad Joseph dropped in. Since he’s too shy to tell you about himself, I’m do it for you: He’s an exceptional poet. Truly amazing. Go visit him and you won’t be disappointed 🙂

    I’m all red-faced now. I thought the police were part of the entertainment. I think Tricia did too. Whatever the case, they were awfully good at Twister…..

    More coffee, please….


    1. I visited Joseph, Danielle. You know I’m not very knowledgeable in verse, but even can I can tell his poetry is wonderous.

      Okay, so you’re saying you guys corrupted the police last night? Lordy.


    1. Wow, did you read through all that? I decided to post a recap the next day because the comments section got so big on that post. Hope you had a good time where you were.


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