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Why? Oh why?

question-diceWhy do I blog? I ask myself that question every time I start to write a new post. Initially, I did it on a whim. I knew a couple other writers who blogged and I thought, Why not? <sigh> I do spontaneous crazy things like that all too often.

I decided right away that I would keep my blog focused on writing. Unfortunately, that eliminated posts on most of the topics that float through my mind. I started off being all serious because … well, I’m just deep like that. I’ve slipped from my oh-so-proper pedestal a few times. One Friday night, I threw a party and skewed my stats forever after. (Until, that is, Oprah selects my novel for her book club and 10,000 people a day rush here to read my brilliant expositions.)

Some consider blogging to be an expression of vanity. Not so, say I. Speaking through a blog seems to be a natural for hermits like me. (I do not use that term light, people. You have no idea.) It’s sort of like the confessional. If I can’t see your face, I can talk to you.

Strike that.

If I can’t see your face or hear your voice, I can talk to you. (I’m lousy on the phone, too.) Of course, in reality, I never figured more than a couple friends and relatives would ever read my posts anyway. So, why not? Somebody has to do it.

Back to the hermit thing … blogging gives me a sense of talking to several people every day. I go visit them; they come visit me. Look! I’m a social butterfly! (Get that net away from me.)

I’m sure you have far better reasons for blogging than I do, so tell me, please. Inquiring minds and all that jazz.

30 thoughts on “Why? Oh why?”

  1. Linda, I’d forgotten why I started until you asked this. My writing partner (at the time) and I were putting together a collection of flash fiction, poetry and photography and I wanted a platform for it.

    But that project died and I fell in love with this medium of free expression and audience, relationships and forced discipline. I’m sure one day I’ll take a break, and then I don’t what will happen, but for now, it’s alive!


    1. Pamela, I love the way you put it: “this medium of free expression and audience, relationships and forced discipline.” That’s everything good about blogging.


  2. Don’t boo me off the stage, but the reason I started blogging was because a potential agent suggested I do so. So I did. I was presently surprised at how much I enjoy blogging, and how much an on-line world of writers communicating actually feels like connecting. I never imagined it would be the case. I am not much of an on-line kind of girl 🙂


  3. Here’s my post about why I blog. In addition, writers write. I’ve never been good a keeping a journal, but blogging is a great vehicle for me. I put some self-imposed constraints on my blog to keep me from doing a mind dump. Sometimes I find it constricting, but in many ways my premise of Two Kinds of People gives me a framework upon which to build my thoughts.

    You blog because we — and I think I speak for everyone who commented here — love to read your writing. You have created a vibrant, interesting community all inspired by your posts. Thanks.


    1. Wow, Susan, I hadn’t realized I’d created a community! That’s a lovely thought … but then again, that pressures me to think of something worthwhile to blog about. 🙂


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