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Shhhh don’t tell anyone …


I’ve worked hard this week … I barely had time for Bejeweled Blitz (though I did score my all-time high of 132,300!) and Twitter never saw my face on a couple days. Why, you ask? Because I was writing like mad. It was one of those rare times when the words just flowed. Maybe … just maybe … I’ve completed the novel. I don’t want to say that too definitely because of that embarrassing egg thing, but it feels done to me. A few tweaks are in order, I’m sure, but nothing major.

So, now I’m going to relax. I’m inviting everyone to join me in partying this weekend. Come and go, eat, drink, dance, sing, play Twister (hey, Danielle, is it clothing-optional this time?) Look around the place … if this is your first time here or you’ve been too busy to stop by for a while, catch up on some posts. But most of all TALK to me. TALK to each other. But TALK people, TALK. This is a party! Yanno?

31 thoughts on “Shhhh don’t tell anyone …”

  1. Okay, pizzas are ordered for today, and the chocolate has been replenished. There is an assortment of fruits and vegetables for those of you who insist on eating healthy … even virtually!

    Since everyone’s quiet right now, I guess I’ll just have to read. Gee, I’m on p. 83 only 657 pages to go. I might be here awhile.

    Oh, wait! My tamale lady’s at the door. Let me grab some money.


  2. Green tea… That’s probably a better plan than this pitcher of margaritas I brought… especially since it’s not even noon yet, and I’m supposed to be editing. Shhhh, just going to see how low I can go and maybe dance a bit on the twister mat, and then I’ll go back to the office and correct some more grammar.

    Oh! Karen! Let me wear the sombrero!


    1. Oh, Judy, hand that pitcher to me. A margarita will go great with this tamale. Who cares what time it is? We’re on virtual time.

      Dance, dance, dance ….


  3. I just got a phone call from Guy Laliberté at the station spatial international. He saw your invitation and turn completly crazy about your clown nose. So, Hes gone give me a lift with a couple of jugglers friends from the Cirque du soleil and the Ballet russe. We will be about 50 over your patio. It’s that ok?

    They gone parachute us over your house in about 20 minutes. I didn’t have time to put my dog and my cat into my parachute. But, Esmeralda, my dear tararentule is sleeping in the lunch (vodka and caviar)… Don’t worry, she will have great fun with the goat!

    I am coming!


    1. OMG, where’s Karen? Karen, Karen, jugglers are on the way!!!!

      Jugglers, and caviar, and tarrantulas OH MY!!! Follow the yellow brick road to the party, people!


  4. I heard there were margaritas and that we were on virtual time. So here I am, filling up my glass, not adding any extra salt, maybe an extra ice cube…Hits the spot!

    Linda, I’m beginning to think you did an excellent job with the name of your blog. Cheers!


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