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Shhhh don’t tell anyone …


I’ve worked hard this week … I barely had time for Bejeweled Blitz (though I did score my all-time high of 132,300!) and Twitter never saw my face on a couple days. Why, you ask? Because I was writing like mad. It was one of those rare times when the words just flowed. Maybe … just maybe … I’ve completed the novel. I don’t want to say that too definitely because of that embarrassing egg thing, but it feels done to me. A few tweaks are in order, I’m sure, but nothing major.

So, now I’m going to relax. I’m inviting everyone to join me in partying this weekend. Come and go, eat, drink, dance, sing, play Twister (hey, Danielle, is it clothing-optional this time?) Look around the place … if this is your first time here or you’ve been too busy to stop by for a while, catch up on some posts. But most of all TALK to me. TALK to each other. But TALK people, TALK. This is a party! Yanno?

31 thoughts on “Shhhh don’t tell anyone …”

  1. [Karen wanders out of the bathroom in a Fireman’s jacket and sombrero…stumbles into the kitchen]
    OH man Linda you really know how to throw a party…. your bathtub was awesome to sleep in. Is that coffee? N I C E ….

    sorry about the fire. But the stripper using the whipped cream from his fire extinguisher to dampen the flames some was awesome or it really could have gotten out of hand…..

    Then when the firetruck showed up and all those yummy men came in with their big hoses……

    You do have flood damage insurance…. right?

    So….. does your stereo go to 11?
    Let’s get this party cranking again.

    Linda? Linda where are you going?….[Karen is left to address the rest of her remarks to the goat who is happily eating Linda’s basket collection] oh she’s probably going to shower and put her dancing shoes on again…. that girl does an awesome funky chicken….


    1. Karen, get control of that goat!!!

      Sorry, one of the guys in the band is a big Anne Tyler fan so we were in the library discussing her novels. Really.

      I missed the stripper and the firemen???? Dang it.


  2. I was so tired last night, and my invitation did say “this weekend,” so I thought I’d wait until today to stop in. Okay, perhaps 9:00 am is a little too early…

    I’m wondering if I should nudge a few of these comfortably slumped-over bodies with my toe to try to stir things up again. Nah…I’ll be back a little later, for the next round.

    And congrats to you, Linda! Oh, what a feeling!


    1. Hey, Cynthia, I thought the last party might have scared you off. Glad to see you took a chance. No hiding behind the sofa this time … well, unless you have good reason. We might all have to take cover, if Karen has anymore caffeine!

      Hide the Red Bull!


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