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Back to business

smashclockSorry to break it to you, but it’s Monday. I know. I know. Thanks to all who stopped by the party to get crazy with me. Now, it’s back to the business of writing. This week, I’ll continue fine-tuning my novel, and it’s time to repay my critique partners with some feedback.

I’m also trying to spiff up the blog before it celebrates its first birthday. Many of my old posts need their tags and categories updated for better search results. I’ll also be editing some pages. I started with the I Write page. I’ve added the Poetry category because I’m trying to expand my repertoire … and hey, why not learn the form in public?

Under the Flash Fiction category, I’ve added a link to a new story. It’s a bit of an experiment because I rarely write in first person or from a child’s viewpoint. You can read “Secrets and Shadows” here.

What’s on your schedule this week?

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