Where have all the bloggers gone?

Or, to be more accurate, where have all my blogger friends gone? Not so long ago, I had a hard time keeping up with my favorite blogs. But now, except for Judy and Karen who usually post every other day, sometimes I feel like I’ve drifted into that Twilight Zone where all humanity has vanished, but I’m just now finding out.


The dark part of my mind always suspects the worst—or at least swine flu. I know one blogger friend closed down completely. Another is preoccupied with upheavals at work. I miss their posts. And I’m a little anxious about the rest of you. Of course, it’s entirely possible, since most of you are writers, that you’re too busy with your novels, poems, and stories to write a blog post. That’s good. Write on.

Or maybe it’s true, blogging is passé. But I haven’t been trendy for ages, so what do I care? Anyway, I prefer to think of myself as part of a select group. Though I would think that if any group would see the value in blogging, it would be writers. I mean, duh.

So I’ll just keep scrolling through my blog reader index looking for bolded blog names and anticipating your next fascinating posts. Come baaack! I’m so very lonely. [sniff]


Update: I now realize that I had forgotten to subscribe to a few new friends’ blogs [me smacking forehead] and some of you were posting, I just didn’t know!


Photo credit: StephenPaul

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