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Confessions of an obsessed writer

"The Confession" by Sir Frank Bernard Dicksee
"The Confession" by Sir Frank Bernard Dicksee

They say confession is good for the soul, so I’m taking the plunge. <big breath>I am obsessed with writing. There, I said it. I decided to come clean, in hope that it might save you from a similar fate. I only hope that after you read the following you don’t gasp in horror and deny you ever knew such a depraved creature as myself.

I confess:

  1. I have learned that my multi-tasking tools developed when I had four little boys under my feet, suit me very well when I have Word, Twitter, Facebook, email, and my browser open all day.
  2. I have sat down at 7:00am to “fix this one little paragraph” and not stood up again for hours.
  3. I have made a meal out of chips, salsa, and a cheese stick (eaten at my keyboard) because everything else needed to be cooked and I was in the middle of writing a brilliant flow of dialogue and couldn’t spare the time.
  4. I have been caught up in writing when the mailman rang the doorbell and realizing it was 2:30pm and I was still in my pajamas, coughed loudly, feigning sickness, as I opened the door.
  5. I have learned how quickly you can thaw meat and prepare a decent meal after my husband calls at 4:30pm to ask what’s for dinner—and I’ve been so immersed in writing I would have sworn it couldn’t be much later than noon.
  6. I have rushed to the computer at 3am because, when I rolled over in bed, the omg-I-can’t-believe-it’s-so-perfect word to use in the third sentence of the first paragraph in the fifth chapter popped into my head.
  7. I have kept Netflix movies for two months because every time I sat down to watch one, I got distracted by a great story idea or the solution to a revision problem.

 Oh, I could go on, but I couldn’t endure the shame. If you recognized yourself as you read the above, run—run fast—from your keyboard. Stop writing NOW before it’s too late!


2 thoughts on “Confessions of an obsessed writer”

  1. *grin!*

    OMGosh you sound so much like me!

    I have sat down to just ‘tweak’ a line, re-meter a stanza or choose a couplet pairing only to end up waking to the outside world six or more hours later (to rush about feeding starving children and begging animals usually – :))

    I have found the answer to that in my trusty crockpot though…*giggle* (Oh – and if you pay the kids they will always remember to feed the pets)

    Another thing I do is always have a flashlight and notebook at the ready by my bedside…

    (Nothing is EVER as perfect as the line that got away at 3:30 am. You never stop mourning a loss like that *chuckle* )

    Be well,


  2. You said: (Nothing is EVER as perfect as the line that got away at 3:30 am. You never stop mourning a loss like that *chuckle* )

    How true! I just know I’ve lost the opening line that would sell my book … probably more than once! 😀


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