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Happy birthday little blog!

Today is my blog’s birthday! It’s one year old. I’m not sure how blog years compare to human years, though. Maybe it’s actually three or seven or fifty years old. Whatever. I’m still amazed I had the nerve to birth it.


I made my first post on 13 Oct 2008. It’s much briefer than my posts today, but still as true. Yep, I’ve gotten longer-winded … good or bad, you decide. This is post #126, and I can hardly believe that.

In honor of this momentous occasion, I thought I’d share some facts about this blog. In one year, my average blog hits per month has risen from 119 to1511 and fyi:  since WordPress doesn’t count my own visits, that means other people really do come here. Of course, that’s just a pittance compared to the visitors on some of your blogs. (I am so not jealous!) But for someone who was a total hermit a year ago, that’s not bad at all.

Best of all, Google knows me, it really knows me! But with all this fame, comes other delights, like a steady increase in spam. On the flip side, Google’s love brings regrets. Example: I regret the title of my “ugly baby” blog post because nearly every day Google sends at least two people here—most likely worried expectant mothers. I hate disappointing them, plus it adds “fake” visitors to my hit count. And now, without thinking, I’ve probably done it again by mentioning sw*ne flu in last Tuesday’s post! Dagnabit.

If you’ve been with me from the beginning, and a few of you have, you may remember that I changed themes quite often in the beginning. I’ve stuck with this one long enough that if I changed it now, I’d confuse people. But if the monotony breaks me down, I might change the banner photo sometime. No. Yes. No. And I’ll be so there  if WordPress ever gives us the Thesis theme. (If you read those last three words in a row out loud, you now have permanent tongue thrust.)

Anyway, have some cake … even if you do just come here to look at my ugly baby or fairy pictures.


Cake photo credit: Monica Buck

39 thoughts on “Happy birthday little blog!”

  1. Happy Birthday! I’ve enjoyed reading all of your posts since I found you, and for the record, I do not use a reader, so my stats are real;)
    Congratulations to you and your little bundle of joy;)


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