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Words I didn’t expect!

novelwordleI’ve used Wordle on this blog before, but seeing it on Nathan Bransford’s blog yesterday reminded me that I wanted to try it again when I finished my novel. So, I pasted my whole novel in Wordle. (First I removed all the chapter headings, so the word Chapter wouldn’t show up as one of my oft used words, though if you’re less a perfectionist than I am, you could just ignore that.)

Why, you ask, did I create a Wordle out of my novel? I wanted to check for overused words. If you’ve never done this you may not know that the words used most show up largest. Naturally, my main characters’ names are used the most, no cause for concern, but look at the next largest.

Back, just, now, know, one … should they be used that often? Back?! Really? This demands investigation!

What would your novel’s Wordle reveal?

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