Lost in the “real” world

I have spent almost an entire week offline … you know … in Real World. I felt completely out of touch. I was a stranger in a strange land. I am exhausted from a week of interacting with flesh and blood.

In the mountains of Real World.
In the mountains of Real World.

I managed to reply briefly to comments on my blog, and say thank you to birthday wishes on Facebook, but that’s about it. Does Twitter still exist?

Many of you have posted at least once on your blogs this week, so I’ll have to get caught up on those. I managed to squeak out one post during that week (not counting the brief one to let you know why I was absent) and that’s the total of my writing for the week.

During this odd time, we visited the mountains. It was a beautiful sunny, near sixty degrees, autumn day when we arrived. An hour later, the clouds had settled on the ground and the temperature had dropped to forty-four degrees. We shivered through a winter picnic. We drove home through rain and then back to sunny warmth. Who says California doesn’t have seasons?

This afternoon, I’m back at my keyboard and feeling almost normal. It will take awhile for my brain to get back fully in gear and then I’ll write a real blog post … something about writing. Yeah … I remember writing.

11 thoughts on “Lost in the “real” world”

  1. Belated birthday wishes! I’m having fun catching up with all your posts. I just can’t seem to stay current with everything I want to read–on blogs, facebook, twitter. I can’t imagine unplugging for a week although it would probably be good for me.


    1. Thank you for taking the time to catch up on my blog. I keep subscribing to more and more blogs so my catch up time is getting longer too. Of course, it might be easier this month with so many people busy with NaNo, the blog posting will probably slack off.


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