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NO to NaNoWriMo

NoSignI do feel left out of the rising excitement for the start of NaNoWriMo (national novel writing month) but I’ll have to pass. I confess, I’ve never tried it, and maybe I’m missing out on the true benefit, but I think the intent is to encourage you to write every day, without editing.

First, I don’t need encouragement to write every day. I need encouragement to step away from this keyboard and clean my house.

Second, if your goal is to write 50,000 words in 30 days, that’s 1,666 words per day. Ignoring the fact that some might say the 666 in there means this is a diabolical plot, why does that mean I can’t edit? I write my allotted words and then stay up well past my bedtime to edit. I mean, how could I sleep knowing I might have a misplaced modifier, or pronoun confusion, or passive phrasing?

Seriously, you can do that?!

I think maybe I’m too competitive for NaNo. I’d see your meters rise and I’d be obsessed with making mine rise faster. You can write 50,000? Then, I’d have to shoot for 60,000. And if you made your goal and I didn’t … well, I’d just have to Tweet nasty things about you. So, it’s just better for all that I sit this one out.

Seriously, really, for those of you participating, may your words flow like the Mississippi.


32 thoughts on “NO to NaNoWriMo”

  1. Linda, I’m with you. I write every day as well. No need to add more obsession to my life. Maybe you and I should hold our own National House Cleaning Month. NaHoCleMo. We can put a little icon off to the side showing how many hours…better make it minutes….a day we cleaned. Our goal can be like 5000 minutes for the month of November. LOL Our houses would be cleaner than they’ve been in years. I might just do this. It would encourage some balance in my life.


      1. I was so not kidding. I’m totally going to do it. Are you with me? I will have a little progress bar off to the side on my blog starting November first. We must come up with some rules. I think laundry (when actively engaged in folding, loading, or putting away), making dinner, and of course all forms of cleaning within our homes should count.


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