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Okay, now everybody breathe …

I followed a link posted on Twitter today by agent Janet Reid. She linked to a post by Holly Root, another agent, on the Waxman Literary Agency blog. I read the post and breathed a sigh.

Last week, I decided that I needed to chill. So wrapped up in trying to write The Perfect Query Letter, I lost sight of the importance of simply telling the agent about my book. And now, I can relax a little more.

Of course, you want your description to excite and entice the agent. You want your letter to be concise and reflect the quality of your writing. But if you’ve followed read an abundance of agents’ blogs or tweets, you might have read some statements that nearly paralyzed you with fear that you’d make a typo, put your word count in the wrong spot, or use the wrong salutation and thereby earn an instant rejection.

If so, go read this post and then BREATHE …

19 thoughts on “Okay, now everybody breathe …”

  1. That was a GREAT post. Very reassuring. And since I am in and out (but mostly in) nano hell right now, it was nice to bust out and read this. THANK YOU!


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