Of plans, and cows, and whatnot …

Cow_head_standDid you ever have one of those days where you feel like you stood on your head all day? That was my day. The brilliant (ahem) post that I intended to write flew south with all my other plans for today. I spent the first half of the day driving back and forth across town and dealing with people face to face … so you know that was stressful.

Then it took me two hours to decompress from that, while fielding phone calls and emails. What I planned to write, I didn’t. And what I didn’t plan to write, I did. And even what I had hoped to clean is still a mess.

So, maybe you could just look at the cow picture and laugh. Forget I was even here.

21 thoughts on “Of plans, and cows, and whatnot …”

  1. The frustration and this image are such a match – I drove across town to deliver a TV and VCR to someone and – forgot the remote I had saved so carefully for months.


  2. That picture is slightly disturbing. I’m scared now. 🙂 Hope today is more productive. (But not too productive because I’m still trying to catch you in my cleaning minutes)


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