Of plans, and cows, and whatnot …

Cow_head_standDid you ever have one of those days where you feel like you stood on your head all day? That was my day. The brilliant (ahem) post that I intended to write flew south with all my other plans for today. I spent the first half of the day driving back and forth across town and dealing with people face to face … so you know that was stressful.

Then it took me two hours to decompress from that, while fielding phone calls and emails. What I planned to write, I didn’t. And what I didn’t plan to write, I did. And even what I had hoped to clean is still a mess.

So, maybe you could just look at the cow picture and laugh. Forget I was even here.

21 thoughts on “Of plans, and cows, and whatnot …”

    1. I will be cleaning (and organizing) my head off today because I’ve pulled everything out of the craft closet and now I have to weave my way through the room to the computer. Very annoying. And hopefully, while I work, I’ll come up with the post I should have written yesterday.


  1. Allow me to walk you over to the bright side. Your cleaning widget states you’ve done 1072 minutes of housework. That’s 1000 minutes more than me. Cheers for you.


    1. Well, yes, there is that … except that I’m hours behind where I should be at this point. But in just a minute–no really–I’m getting started on several hours of work.


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