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Free prose day!

Today’s post doesn’t really have much to do with writing, though I’m calling it free prose. That’s not the same as stream of consciousness; I would never subject you to that.

Juan, Henry, and Margaret

I grow roses … well, for the most part this last year, I neglected roses, but still they bloomed. Yesterday I cut a few. I don’t usually do that this late in the season because I like to let them go dormant for a couple months, but roses that bloom in cool weather have the sweetest fragrance, and I needed a lift.

In the bouquet pictured, I have Don Juan (red), Henry Fonda (yellow) and Margaret Merrill (white) and though the yellow doesn’t usually have much scent, and the red much less than the white, they’re all scenting the room as I write.

My work station?

I have not done so well on my NaHoCleMo challenge. The reward of a spotless house, including cupboards, closets, and drawers, is not enough to goad me into the nearly three hours of daily work I need to keep on goal. Actually, it’s not so much the cleaning that gets me down, it’s the deciding. I don’t know what to do with piles of stuff when I pull it out of those cupboards, closets, and drawers.

I like to blame it on being born under the sun sign of Libra … you know, being able to see all sides and trying to be fair in my judgment. Should I keep this? Should I give it away? Should I toss it? It’s that inability to decide that clutters my house in the first place. That, and my mother cleaning my childhood bedroom and throwing away all my little “collections” which she apparently mistook for trash. I’ve battled with keeping MY STUFF ever since. Ah, well …

In what sense are we lost?

I know this question is “out there” but is it possible that time is speeding up? I’ve been thinking that it’s only because I’m getting older. And cruel joke that—the less time you have left the faster it’s used up! But I’ve heard people far younger than I make the same observation.

Of course, with that in mind, we could veer off into questioning what time is, which would make my head spin, so let’s don’t. Although … that does remind me of the show LOST and how I so wish I could figure it out before they reveal it all this next season.

All right, I’ve blathered long enough, but at least free prose is … well … free.

16 thoughts on “Free prose day!”

  1. Love the LOST reference!! (Though, of course, I’m sure you knew I would!) I agree, time feels like it’s speeding up, and I’m only twenty-six. Days, weeks, even months just fly past me. With time going so fast, you really have to make an effort to enjoy each day and not just watch them speed past you in a blur.

    I want to grow roses like yours! Maybe one day, when we have a house, not just a tiny apartment porch.


    1. owlandsparrow, growing up, one of my friend’s lived in a high rise with a tiny balcony, I mean tiny! She managed to produce a garden out there: tomatoes, snap peas, cucumbers, and roses.


      1. You know, I guess I could venture forth into rose/vegetable territory on my porch…I have other plants, but for some reason roses and vegetables seem like “in-ground” plants to me. Just because they usually are, doesn’t mean they have to be, I guess. Good idea! I would love to have fresh veggies on my little porch (and fresh flowers – most of my plants are just green).


    2. Yes, I knew your little heart would flutter at the mention of LOST. 🙂

      You could certainly grow miniature roses on a patio, if you wanted some color. They don’t have a scent though. But if you had a large/deep enough pot you could grow a full-sized one. They need sun to bloom well, and LOTS of water, especially if they’re in a pot.


      1. Just saw an article on announcing the premier date: 2 Feb 2010! It’s on Tuesdays this year, by the way. I’m tempted to be mad that we have to wait even longer than January, but I’m just hoping it means there won’t be many of those non-new-episode weeks.

        Thanks for the rose-growing advice! I want to try to plant some. When’s the best time, do you think? Spring-ish?


        1. I wonder if they’ve changed plans again? I heard that LOST would be on for one month then take a break, so they could end the series in May (sweeps month).

          Planting time depends on where you live and whether you have bare root or potted roses. Go to a reputable garden supply and ask questions because they’ll know what’s best for your area.


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