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Free prose day!

Today’s post doesn’t really have much to do with writing, though I’m calling it free prose. That’s not the same as stream of consciousness; I would never subject you to that.

Juan, Henry, and Margaret

I grow roses … well, for the most part this last year, I neglected roses, but still they bloomed. Yesterday I cut a few. I don’t usually do that this late in the season because I like to let them go dormant for a couple months, but roses that bloom in cool weather have the sweetest fragrance, and I needed a lift.

In the bouquet pictured, I have Don Juan (red), Henry Fonda (yellow) and Margaret Merrill (white) and though the yellow doesn’t usually have much scent, and the red much less than the white, they’re all scenting the room as I write.

My work station?

I have not done so well on my NaHoCleMo challenge. The reward of a spotless house, including cupboards, closets, and drawers, is not enough to goad me into the nearly three hours of daily work I need to keep on goal. Actually, it’s not so much the cleaning that gets me down, it’s the deciding. I don’t know what to do with piles of stuff when I pull it out of those cupboards, closets, and drawers.

I like to blame it on being born under the sun sign of Libra … you know, being able to see all sides and trying to be fair in my judgment. Should I keep this? Should I give it away? Should I toss it? It’s that inability to decide that clutters my house in the first place. That, and my mother cleaning my childhood bedroom and throwing away all my little “collections” which she apparently mistook for trash. I’ve battled with keeping MY STUFF ever since. Ah, well …

In what sense are we lost?

I know this question is “out there” but is it possible that time is speeding up? I’ve been thinking that it’s only because I’m getting older. And cruel joke that—the less time you have left the faster it’s used up! But I’ve heard people far younger than I make the same observation.

Of course, with that in mind, we could veer off into questioning what time is, which would make my head spin, so let’s don’t. Although … that does remind me of the show LOST and how I so wish I could figure it out before they reveal it all this next season.

All right, I’ve blathered long enough, but at least free prose is … well … free.

16 thoughts on “Free prose day!”

  1. Very much enjoyed the free prose! The roses are beautiful! And decisions, especially regarding stuff, are very tough, I agree. I feel as if I need something as soon as I throw it out! Good luck as you continue your quest to de-clutter. Hope you find that balance that is right for you. I have to admit I’m not a big fan of the super-organized homes (or maybe I just say that because mine isn’t one of them)! I figure a little clutter shows character, right?


    1. Nice way to look at it, Christina, my house just oozes character. 🙂 Part of my problem is that I can save something for ten years and within a month of getting rid of it, I will finally need it. It’s happened too many times to count.


  2. I’m a huge fan of stream of consciousness. I do it all the time on my blog. I had no idea that roses that bloom in cool weather smell sweeter. And if you’re feeling behind in the NaCleHoMo please just take a peek at my blog and notice that I have put in a total 660min. Pathetic, I know. But don’t you feel better now?


    1. If you do it all the time on your blog, then it’s safe to say your stream of consciousness is far saner than mine would be. 🙂

      I have managed a whopping 22 cleaning minutes so far today. And you must not be counting all your minutes. I use my iPhone stopwatch and count every second of picking up, wiping down, dishwasher filling. Everything counts.


  3. I just finished The Year of the Flood, and there was this one line from it.
    “Why now? is the cry. Why so soon? It’s the cry of the child being called home at dusk, it’s the universal protest against Time.”

    I too am a Libra, Linda 🙂 struggling with that balance.

    Gorgeous roses by the way.


  4. I’m a Leo. So, while I may not have trouble making decisions, I get real testy when someone else starts moving my stuff around.

    I have piles, but they’re all organized, thank you very much.

    And I, too, love the roses. Fresh flowers are good for the soul.


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