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Since you’re all busy anyway …

What with Thanksgiving for most of you and NaNoWriMo for some, I figure not many of you will read this anyway, so I’ll indulge in a post of little consequence.

My exotic man, circa 1983?

While cleaning a cupboard for NaHoCleMo, I found a box of old Polaroid photos that I had set aside to scan to disk. In my writing, you may find a handsome Persian, Greek, or—considering my last post—possibly a Moroccan. I’ve been attracted to that type all my life. (My second grade “boyfriend” was Greek.) So, it was no surprise that I ended up with the man in this photo.

I don’t use Facebook professionally, it’s just for friends and family, and it helps me keep in touch with those who live elsewhere. But I must be the only one in my circle of the world not playing Farmville, or Fishville, or whatever those games are, and I was overwhelmed trying to sort through the announcements of new ugly ducklings and clown fish to find status updates. I admit, I never took the time to learn the ins and outs of Facebook, so this is probably something you all have known for ages, but I finally learned that I can hide all those game announcements. Yay! Now, I can just read the good stuff.

The last two days have been good writing days. I wrote a new opening paragraph for Brevity, and edited some wording in the next few, which is just enough change to set the proper tone. So now, I can drop the idea of making my current first chapter the second and writing a whole new first chapter. I think that may be, at least in part, what my Sean Penn dream was about. I also wrote a terrific new opening line for my wip, as well as the kinda okay poem below. (Which has nothing to do with the wonderful man pictured above.)

If you are reading this during the Thanksgiving holiday, I hope you have a wonderful one.


Truth Revealed

Between us,
I don’t like
your new receptionist.

You slide your eyes away.
You clear your throat.
You say nothing.

And then I know,
it’s over
between us.


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