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Snow and a poem

I’m trying to get in the Christmas spirit, hence the temporary theme change and the snow. And yes, I’m aware that the falling snow may cause Firefox to flash a horizontal scroll bar at the bottom of the screen. I hope that’s not too annoying. [If you experience any worse problems, let me know and I’ll cancel the snow.] UPDATE:  I’ve obviously ditched the red and green theme and just gone with a Christmasy banner photo.

It’s the weekend, so I’m just slipping in a little poem. Not exactly a cheerful one, but I’ll try to have some happy thoughts for you by Monday.

Equal Measure

On those dark days
I thought of you.
I wept and
I grieved.

It did not work,
my prayer that
our love could
be saved.

What’s fair now,
you said, is
that I must
let go.

On these dark days
You think of me
You weep and
You grieve.

What you gave was
not quite love.
Love is what
I gave.

Now you’re sorry, you said,
but I must
say … so?

16 thoughts on “Snow and a poem”

  1. Whew, I thought I missed something big with the whole new theme going on. My son’s bar mitzvah and the world’s craziest November has me far behind in my blog reading. I did, however, promote “Out of My Mind” on SheWrites groovy new thread Little Lovin’ Monday, so I hope I am forgiven for being late to a few posts.

    I always feel a need to add a disclaimer to my poetry. It doesn’t help to have a friend, Alice George, who is an actual, excellent published poet. Makes me feel mighty inadequate. The only one I’ve ever published on my blog is called The Tantrum. I am playing around with a poem that won’t leave me alone that seems to be emanating from a big birthday due to me late next year.

    Rest assured, your poems need no disclaimer.


    1. Why thank you for promoting my blog. I just sent a She Writes friend request to you. I’ve neglected that site lately. I need to get caught up.

      Yes, it doesn’t help to compare my poetry to the work of true poets. Maybe I should just look back and see if I’ve improved … say, since third grade. 🙂


  2. sad, but also strong! Here you published something after your post about publishing online 🙂

    The falling snow was generated automatically on my sign in page, and I always think it’s my eyes!!


    1. Oops, Jennifer, did you come here during the theme shift? That might have been weird. I went from the red and green back to my usual theme, but changed the banner photo. I’m wondering what you saw. 🙂

      No problem with posting poems because I don’t ever plan to try to publish them. I do NOT consider myself a poet.


  3. Hey Linda!

    Perfect wintery words of the season and the soul. I find myself looking over my shoulder of late at a gone love as well. I love how You expressed Your feelings. Lovely poem. And Your Christmasy header is so beautiful! And I’m a big fan of the snow. Thank You and Namaste. 🙂


    1. Thank you for your kind words. Although my heart and mind does tend to darken in winter, I’m going to make an effort to fight it this year. I can’t afford the months of “down time.”


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