Forty-eleven things …

It’s a week until Christmas and I have, as my father used to say, “forty-eleven” things to do. I hope to get caught up on all your blog posts I’ve let accumulate in my reader, but I won’t have time to write any new posts of my own until after Christmas. If you’re bored, look in my archives to see if you missed something good, and don’t forget to read the comments because those are often more entertaining than the post.


To all the beautiful people who come here, no matter what holiday you celebrate this time of year,  I wish you a wonderful week of visits with those you love, lots of goodies to eat, and a cozy spot where you can read, reflect, or just rest.

17 thoughts on “Forty-eleven things …”

  1. Warm Christmas wishes to you, Linda. I’ll miss your posts but I congratulate you for sorting through that list of forty-eleven things and deciding that choices had to be made. Enjoy your holiday hiatus. 🙂

    Thank you, Carol. Enjoy your holidays.


  2. Happy holidays and a merry merry everything else.

    Eat a lot of chocolate for me.

    And make sure you make time for yourself.

    Even if it’s only by taking a few minutes of quiet time in that fort you built out of cushions in the livingroom.

    Thank you, Karen. I probably won’t eat much chocolate though … yeah I know, I’m weird. How did you know about the fort? 🙂


  3. I had never hear the “forty-eleven” thing–I love it! Best wishes for the holidays, Linda. I hope you get everything done. Cheers!

    Thanks for stopping by, Kimberly. I’m almost keeping up. Hope your holidays are fantastic.


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