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Seven true things … more or less

I have to admit it was weird not checking in daily on Virtualworld. But with my two “away” sons home, and all the preparations for and celebrating of Christmas, I really had no choice. Today, I almost feel like a stranger on my own blog. So I guess it’s appropriate that I had to think about myself for this post.

When Tricia first presented me this award, she called it Seven Secrets and I thought, No way am I going to reveal any secrets. Then, I saw that another friend, Candice, called it simply Seven Things on her blog. Recipients are supposed to reveal seven things others may not know about them. I realized that only a few of the readers of this blog know me in Realworld, and even they know me only in a “professional” way. So … really … I could say anything and how would you know if I told the truth? Actually, all but one of the following are true. And, like my friend Kasie, I decided to go with eight things … just because I could.

1.  I can’t swim. I learned to swim when I was three, but at eight, I nearly drowned and ever since, I panic in water above my waist.

2.  I have only one lung. Due to illness, when I was thirteen, I had a pneumonectomy.

3.  I’ve seen a ghost. I had smelled the flowery perfume of this entity for some time, but on this particular day I was working on a portrait when, out of the corner of my eye, I saw something on the stairs. I turned my head slightly, without raising it, and on the bottom step, I could see the shoes and dress bottom of a woman (c.1910 vintage.) Too afraid to view the ghost directly, I turned my head back to the portrait and, for a moment, sat frozen before I bolted for the front door. I never told my neighbor the reason for my impromptu visit.

4.  I tend to read magazines from back to front. I’ve always done this, but I don’t know why. It’s somewhat confusing. I never do this with books.

5.  I inherited nearly half a million dollars. However, due to a personal vow, I gave it all away … to responsible charities, I assure you.

6.  I’ve come this close to choking to death two times. The first time, I was about six and was sitting at the table with my father and grandfather. I choked on a piece of bacon. I remember being surprised that I couldn’t breathe, then scared, but I didn’t alert either of them. My world started going black around the edges. The next thing I knew, the room was bright again, the bacon was gone, and my father and grandfather were still carrying on their conversation.

The second time, I was in my late twenties and was eating pizza with my husband and another couple. I realized I couldn’t breathe. They all looked at me when I jumped out of my chair, and I remember seeing the moment they realized I was choking, but I also saw their panic and knew they had no idea what to do. I had one clear thought, I’m going to die. Then, acting purely on mother’s instinct, my friend Karen jumped up and jerked my arm straight up. The force ejected the bit of pizza crust and I could breathe again.

7.  I gave my very important final report for sixth grade social studies on Atlantis. I apparently had a tolerant teacher; she gave me an A.

8.  Lukewarm food disgusts me. Hot food should be served hot. I even pre-heat the plates at my house. (Btw, I have no idea who Luke is, or why he’s so wishy-washy.)

Now, the award rules say you’re supposed to nominate other people, but I hate to put anyone on the spot. So, please copy the graphic and blog a list of seven unknown facts about yourself or, at least, share one here in a comment. I’m oh so very curious, but I just hate to pry.

And which of my facts do you suppose is not true?

16 thoughts on “Seven true things … more or less”

  1. My goodness, I hope #8 is not true. That sounds like a lot of work. Little known fact – I was part of the study that developed the Rh immune-globulin shots. My dad sometimes refers to me as a miracle baby, lol.


  2. Hmmm, not that I don’t think you are of character to do this but my guess is #5. Sounded like an Eddie Murphy movie. But sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.

    Now what can I reveal that I haven’t already? How’ bout, I hate velour and the month of January. And that I’m lazy, too lazy to look up velour to see if I spelled it right.


    1. I’m sure it’s not true that there’s nothing interesting about you, but I guess it’s just not something shareable. 🙂 And, thank you, my Christmas was merry. I hope yours was too.


  3. I’m going to guess either #2 or #5 aren’t true. But only because if it was number 2, I don’t know how you could live here. It’s hard enough to breathe with 2 lungs. And number 5 I only guess because I could never do that. 🙂


  4. Hi Linda!

    I’m guessing that #5 isn’t true.

    I almost always read magazines back to front. I started that habit because I liked to read Joel Stein and he was always on the back pages of Time magazine.

    Let’s see a secret…well I told three of my secrets last Monday when Judy nominated me after Tricia nominated her…so what’s left? Oh I know…. the middle finger of my right hand is bigger and flatter than all of my other fingers because it was once crushed in the crack of a garage door. [eewwwwww]
    And yes that’s true.

    Hope you had a lovely holiday and hope your 2010 is full of creative opportunities!!!!!


    1. Due to a “boxer’s break” my right little finger is a quarter-inch shorter than my left, and doesn’t nestle correctly with my right ring finger.

      My Christmas was lovely. And I wish a fantastic 2010 ten for you.


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